About us #smartcityhub


Our mission is to educate a generation of active smart citizens, who are the basis of the ecosystem of a smart city and actively contribute to its innovative development.

Within this concept, "smart citizens" are people who use digital services regularly, have an active life position and strive to improve the city.

NGO “SMART CITY HUB” is an independent, non-profit organization that initiates and supports the development of a comfortable smart city. The organization was established in Kyiv in 2016. The founders of the NGO are Volodymyr Flonts and Myroslava Gromova. Yaroslava Boyko is the chairman of the Board of Trustees.

On May 22, 2016, the Smart City Hub community center, which implements projects for the development of a comfortable smart city, started operating. This is the first innovation space in Ukraine created by the community for the community because the funds for the launch of the Smart City center were raised through crowdfunding, which is more than 1 million hryvnias. This is where the NGO team launches and develops projects to justify the community's trust and benefit the city. First, we created a working group, the results of which were the creation of the concept of "Kyiv Smart City 2020". Subsequently, we identified the further vector of the city's development, based on environmental, social, economic, and cultural challenges. This concept was signed by the Kyiv City Council on November 21, 2017. Experimenting with various forms of interaction with society and actively involving the audience, our team identified key priority areas for project implementation.

The development and implementation of innovative solutions is one of our priorities

The main activities of the NGO are high-quality IT education for children and adults, environmental initiatives, and digitalization of the city's life processes. Our team launches unique projects that help rethink the culture and mechanics of education in Kyiv, taking into account global digital trends. Within the communication and educational platform "Kyiv Smart City School" we supplement traditional education with such projects as a programming course for schoolchildren with the Coding Academy, a course in robotics "Arduino", a course on emotional intelligence "Soft Skills", a modular course Kyiv Smart City, a collection of practical smart instructions on all aspects of urban life " Kyiv Smart City Guide " and other innovative forms of learning technology and innovation. We conduct educational and research programs to improve the environmental situation in the capital, including the project to promote consumer culture for schoolchildren "ZERO HERO", environmental flashmob for landscaping "Trees instead of flowers", air quality monitoring program "Managing Air Quality" and others community consolidation projects to protect the environment.

The development and implementation of innovative solutions are one of our priorities. The activities of the NGO are aimed at developing legislation and expertise on the implementation of artificial intelligence for transparent and effective city management. As part of the AI for Kyiv project, we are searching for the issues of ethics and transparency of automated decision-making in Kyiv. The main task of the project is to develop practical examples of transparent use of artificial intelligence by the services of the Kyiv City Administration. Our team presented the first such document in the country, which examines in detail the basic terminology of artificial intelligence, helping to determine the most important concepts and their content. The document raises the issue of the current state of artificial intelligence, provides answers in the language of numbers and opinions of leading world experts, as well as analyzes the main obstacles to the introduction of AI. The most significant of the problems is currently the level of public awareness of the technology. The document highlights the legal norms that must be established for the prudent use of modern algorithms in the Ukrainian capital.

Evolves, changes , develops

NGO "SMART CITY HUB" is evolving, changing, developing effective smart solutions following new challenges. Currently, the organization is a piece of authoritative information and expert center, an educational platform for adults and children, a venue for hackathons, presentations, team meetings, as well as a communication center for IT professionals working on the implementation of digital solutions for comfortable living in the city. We have conducted more than 100 open urban events, initiated vital research and educational activities on ecology and urban planning, promoted e-services, supported city startups, and implemented many projects to develop the city's digital ecosystem. We have something to be proud of, but we do not stop and move into the future. Join the innovative development of Kyiv and change the city with us!

At the heart of our logo is the Wi-Fi sign, which symbolizes the connection and consolidation of people through technology.

We work to make all Kyiv residents feel comfortable and safe in the city, as well as to be able to realize their potential using a set of modern online tools and electronic services.

Our team

Yaroslava Boyko

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Yaroslava has been coordinating the organization's activities since its inception. She is an active public figure, manager, professional in the field of "Smart Cities", "Creative Economy". Yaroslava initiates and effectively implements innovative projects aimed at solving many challenges of modern cities and society, develops international cooperation to attract and implement global intelligent solutions in the infrastructure of Kyiv, as well as coordinates the implementation of projects such as Kyiv Smart City School, Kyiv Smart City Forum, Kyiv Smart City Guide, Kyiv Urban Atlas, Smart Ukraine.

faith in the unique and creative Ukrainian nation, external and internal aesthetics, tolerance, patience, attention to detail as a guarantee of success.

Myroslava Gromova

Executive Director of NGO "SMART CITY HUB"


Myroslava heads the direction of innovative education for children and adults. She is the founder and curator of projects within the educational and communication platform Kyiv Smart City School. She promotes e-learning, new forms, and methods of teaching. Myroslava helps to bring up a new generation by world educational trends. She is a co-organizer of the process of creating a regulation on the Public Budget of the city of Kyiv and its implementation in the city. Together with IT partners, she organized and conducted an incubation program for urban startups based on "SMART CITY HUB". She is also involved in administrative activities for the implementation of NGO projects.

moral and mental development of the person, coherence of a team.

Dmytro Cheshkivsky

Head of the Department of International Relations


Dmytro heads the direction of international relations, communications, and interaction with foreign partners. He is the founder and head of the international acceleration program for startups "Tel Aviv -> Kyiv Smart City Accelerator", and he also develops and implements innovative solutions for digitizing the city.

a balanced and structural approach in the organization of the work process, a combination of creativity and modern practices.

Kateryna Kyslenko

Program Director


Kateryna is responsible for finding and communicating with foreign and Ukrainian speakers/mentors, government officials/ministries, top managers of leading international companies.

adherence to high professional standards, the introduction of innovations, and advocacy of equality.

Anna Venglinska

Smart University Project Manager


Anna is responsible for promoting innovative projects aimed at reforming the higher education system in Ukraine, raising education standards, and increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian higher education institutions in the world.

a successful combination of high technology and spiritual values.

Khrystyna Kovkrak

Smart School Project Manager


Khrystyna is responsible for the interaction between all project participants, finding and attracting partners, initiating and launching new courses, organizing events, creating training programs, and the operation of the platform as a whole.

professional and personal development, initiative, social activity, and teamwork.

Vasyl Tovkailo

Smart School Project Manager


Vasyl is responsible for creating new courses for teachers, communicating with representatives of educational sectors, and coordinating their activities. He conducts lessons for children, develops methodical materials for courses.

lifelong learning, readiness for change and innovation, ethics.

Valeriya Yakovleva

Project Manager of Kyiv Smart City Forum

Valeriya is responsible for organizing the Kyiv Smart City Forum; acquainting visitors with the experience of Kyiv and global trends in the implementation of the smart city concept, as well as promoting intellectual technologies and innovative solutions of local and foreign companies within the city infrastructure. She is also responsible for creating a platform for communication and exchange of experiences, developing new ways of cooperation.

innovation and creativity, social consciousness, rationalism.

Dasha Kuznetsova

Project Manager of Kyiv Smart Environment


Dasha is responsible for creating a system of environmental monitoring; research, and analysis of factors that negatively affect the environment in Kyiv; search and use of innovative solutions for research and problem solving, as well as for the formation of environmentally responsible public position.

human well-being, responsible consumption, sustainable development without endangering the lives of future generations.

Documentation and reporting