Kyiv Smart City School project

The rapid digitalization of the modern world, the emergence of new professions and teaching methods are challenges for the traditional education system, which does not have time to adapt to today's realities. Kyiv Smart City School projects effectively complement the school curriculum with useful skills that are in demand in the global innovation environment.

Our team needs to work with the younger generation. Since 2018, we have created educational branches of Kyiv Smart City School based on 20 communal schools of the Ukrainian capital. The project involved the most active heads of educational institutions and computer science teachers who seek change and innovation in the field of education and motivate students to study in-depth in technical disciplines. Kyiv Smart City School offers students many development opportunities: a combined course on the basics of Scratch coding, Java, WEB-development, robot programming mbot, and soft skills improvement courses. We allow children to develop the competencies acquired in mathematics and computer science lessons, and we also say that critical thinking and the ability to work in a team are necessary for successful professional growth in the XXI century.

Our educational strategy thanks to digital tools is to share experience and knowledge in the field of innovation and technology with students of primary, secondary and high school, to develop their intellectual potential and passion for invention, to help implement ideas and projects. The last academic year at Kyiv Smart City School turned out to be very fruitful: 400 graduates of the Scratch program, 1500 graduates of the Coding Academy, 130 graduates of training courses implemented within the Public Budget of the city. In total, during 2018-2020, more than 100,000 participants received new knowledge through educational courses implemented on our platform. After analyzing the results of a survey conducted among students of educational branches of Kyiv Smart City School, we obtained the following indicators of project effectiveness:

  • 10% of students of KSC educational branches have been trained in the basics of programming and IT technologies
  • 100% of teachers of educational branches (9% of teachers of all institutions in Kyiv) took IT courses and improved their skills
  • 40% of students of KSC branches (2% of students from all institutions of Kyiv) are involved in KSC projects
  • 14 projects were implemented within the Kyiv Smart City School platform
  • 8 organizations are involved in the partnership and joint social activity with Kyiv Smart City School
  • 4% of Kyiv's educational institutions are involved in environmental projects
  • 7% of schools in Kyiv have been monitored for air and water quality
  • 6% of schools joined in improving air quality
  • 17% - level of awareness about digital city services
  • 11% - the level of digitalization

Recently, smart consumption is a trend in educational institutions of the most progressive countries, and we widely use this experience to educate the new smart generation in Kyiv. Therefore, 2020 has been declared the year of ecology in the Kyiv Smart City School. Our priorities: air and water quality on the territory of educational institutions, the culture of garbage management, responsible consumption. The NGO team is planning a fundamental program to develop the environmental awareness of students, namely: flash mobs, tours, workshops, online lessons, school lectures, environmental quests, interactive courses, interesting competitions. On March 3, in the Column Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration, representatives of the NGO "SMART CITY HUB" together with MOZGI Ideas presented the project on waste sorting "ZERO HERO". The purpose of the environmental initiative is to teach children the culture of consumption and proper waste management. Experts will give lectures and workshops where students will learn how they can improve the environmental situation in their hometown now.. In the format of lectures, we introduce the trend of sustainable and responsible consumption in educational institutions. In the process of learning, students learn to think environmentally, rationally use resources and goods, improve the culture of waste management, not pollute the environment. The acquisition of this knowledge by the new generation will lead to an overall improvement in the culture of consumption and waste management, as well as to a significant improvement in the environmental situation in Ukraine.

Educational branches of Kyiv Smart City School:

  • School №275 named after Volodymyr Kravchuk
  • Specialized school №255 with in-depth study of natural and mathematical subjects
  • Secondary school №158
  • Secondary school 175
  • Specialized school 71 with in-depth study of English
  • Sanatorium boarding school №20
  • Secondary school №245
  • Specialized school №110 named after Kazymyr Gaponenko with in-depth study of the French language
  • Specialized school №3 with in-depth study of information technology, physics, mathematics
  • Specialized school №61 with in-depth study of information technology
  • School №29
  • Secondary school №93
  • Specialized school №80
  • Secondary school Scandinavian Gymnasium
  • Technical Lyceum of Shevchenkivsky District
  • School №25
  • Secondary school № 306
  • Lyceum " Naukova zmina" Educational complex School-lyceum "Upravlinsʹki tekhnolohiyi" №240 " Sotsium"
  • Lyceum №227 named after Mykhailo Gromov
  • Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth

In total, 5% of students of Kyiv schools study in Kyiv Smart City School

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