Managing Air Quality project

КThe SMART CITY HUB team is taking over the experience of the most progressive countries in the world to solve environmental problems in cities. As far as we know, scientists from the University Medical Center in Mainz (Germany) found that in 2015, polluted air caused 790,000 deaths across Europe. To monitor the environmental situation in Kyiv, we have launched a platform for monitoring air quality in the capital of Ukraine. Samples are taken daily in all areas of the city, and the air is analyzed by 8 indicators: formaldehyde (CH₂O), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O₂), carbon dioxide (CO₂), temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure.

The service is available on the portal To check the air quality, you need to select a specific area and indicator on the map. If the level of toxic gases, such as a nitric oxide or carbon monoxide, exceeds the norm (it is indicated on the graph by an orange line), this is a reason to file a complaint to the State Ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine, which must respond and take appropriate measures. In the lower right corner of the map, there is also a button to view information collected by the satellite from space (astronaut icon). However, these data are more general, because the air layer is measured at a height of about two kilometers.

Air quality monitoring is a vital service for such a large city as Kyiv. After all, its pollution not only worsens the health of residents but also reduces the level of happiness. We care about the health of our citizens, so we are working on new solutions to improve the environment, preserve and increase the green areas of Kyiv.

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