Project “Don’t buy, take it from the animal shelter”

The team of the NGO “SMART CITY HUB” promotes the formation of a smart community that is responsible for the urban space and makes it comfortable for all residents. In 2018, the social campaign "Don't buy, take it from the animal shelter" was launched. In this way, we helped stray animals find a family. More than 2 million people could see the posters in the subway and around the city. As a result, Kyiv residents sheltered almost 500 stray dogs and cats.

A social campaign was launched to promote adoption among citizens and to help cats and dogs find loving owners. The project was created in cooperation with the Kyiv Smart City city initiative and the Kyiv City Veterinary Clinic. In 2019, the project managed to give 196 dogs and 264 cats to the family.

Animals are part of the city's ecosystem. Special electronic information and analytical "Register of Pets" was created to record domestic and stray animals in Kyiv. It allows you to collect, store and visualize pet data in a single database.

Famous Ukrainian celebrities joined the social project, including fashion photographer Sonya Plakydyuk, model and singer Daria Astafyeva, showman Richard Horn, singer Victoria from the band "NeAngely". Also, ICTV TV presenter Anna Afendikova and INGRET singer appeared in social advertising for the campaign's Christmas and New Year posters.

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