Promotion of the First Tech Challenge in Ukraine

The future of humanity is closely linked to digitalization, e-learning techniques, and smart technologies. That is why the team of the NGO "SMART CITY HUB" cares to provide students with useful knowledge of science and technology, as well as to develop their interest in the invention in a competitive environment. One of the powerful markers of our work in this direction is the promotion of the FIRST Tech Challenge in Ukraine and the preparation of teams to participate in international competitions in Romania. This project to promote technical disciplines among schoolchildren is being implemented in many countries around the world. For the first time in Ukraine, the FIRST Tech Challenge in Ukraine will take place in April 2020.

The purpose of the FIRST Tech Challenge project is to increase young people's interest in exact sciences and modern technologies. As part of the competition program, students in grades 7-11 design, create, program, and manage robots of their design to play in the arena in an alliance format. Under the guidance of trainers and mentors, participants develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas in a team. In this way, students learn to set goals, look for ways to solve problems, model situations, present themselves and the results of their work.

The regional partners of the FIRST Tech Challenge are the USA, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Romania, South Korea, Canada, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Mexico, Jamaica, Iceland, Lebanon, Egypt, China, China, Taipei, Brazil, India. The Kyiv Smart City team in cooperation with STEM-education center "Socrates" educational complex №141 "ORT" and 2D3D company, is working to create Ukraine's FIRST Tech Challenge national league and regional partner status.

In total, seven teams are preparing for the competition in Ukraine, striving to demonstrate design skills: KyivDynamics, WinexSpace, Robot & Monster, Noosphere Robotics, Comb bit, SSG, Volyn.

We remind you that during 2019, the team of the NGO "SMART CITY HUB" together with the STEM training center "Socrates" and the company 2D3D twice conducted intensive training of mentors to coordinate teams in the FIRST Tech Challenge. The participants of the training received important information about the specifics of the equipment and electronic components of the FIRST Tech Challenge. The future mentors considered the rules of the competition, the structure of team formation and training, the events of past seasons. The psychological aspects related to the age of the participants were also discussed.

The development of the FIRST Tech Challenge project in Ukraine will increase students' interest in engineering professions and will provide teachers of technical disciplines with opportunities to introduce new forms and methods of teaching. All participants of the tournament will receive a unique experience and useful skills in demand in the most progressive countries of the world. Joining the global movement FIRST Tech Challenge is a big step for educating the smart generation in Ukraine.

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