ZERO HERO project

Our team conducts research programs and educational activities to inform the public about urgent environmental problems and ways to solve them. On March 3, 2020, in the Column Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration, representatives of the NGO "SMART CITY HUB" together with MOZGI Ideas in partnership with "ECO-STOCK" presented the project on waste sorting "ZERO HERO". The purpose of the environmental initiative is to teach children the culture of consumption and proper waste management. Educational branches of Kyiv Smart City School will become a kind of Recycle Schools, as 20 schools will have tanks for separate garbage collection. Educational lectures will be conducted for students to learn how garbage is recycled and why it is so important to sort it to improve the environmental situation in the city.

The MOZGI Ideas team developed a communication strategy and visual style for the project. In recent years, garbage has flooded our planet. It has become a real monster that can scare children instead of the boogeyman. This idea formed the basis of the concept because we need Zero Hero to defeat the garbage. For the initiative to respond among students, it is necessary to communicate with them in one language. Therefore, our heroes will communicate with children through comics and memes, defeat garbage monsters in every day and fictional situations. Graphics and texts will encourage students to create their stories and share them with their peers.

After the presentation of the ZERO HERO project, children from the educational branches of Kyiv Smart City School played an eco-quiz using interactive technologies. More than 100 students were able to express their attitude to environmental problems and think about solving them using smartphones. The students were impressed by the results of the game "Truth or Myth?", As a result of which they learned impressive facts about the environment in the world and the ecological state of Kyiv. All participants of the event also passed an interactive survey "Conscious resident of the city", which showed that students are actively using city services, ready to implement changes and be active in the development of the city.

2020 has been declared the year of ecology in the educational branches of Kyiv Smart City School. Smart consumption is a trend in educational institutions of the most progressive cities in the world and we are taking this experience to educate a new smart generation in Kyiv. This year, our team is planning many interactive activities to develop the environmental awareness of students. The experts will give interesting lectures and workshops, where students will learn how they can improve the environmental situation in their hometown. Together we will teach children smart technologies, as well as responsible consumption and development of green areas of the city.

Surveys conducted among students within the Kyiv Smart City School project confirm that participants in our educational events become agents of change in their families. Armed with new knowledge, teenagers motivate parents to sort garbage, use electronic services more often, use contactless payments to pay for transport and utilities and so on. Our project is designed to change the usual perspective of learning: so that parents do not teach their children, but vice versa. This innovative approach encourages teenagers to develop environmental habits and motivates parents to support their children and join smart life practices.

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