Smart University project

The main trend of the last decade in higher education is the introduction of edtech (educational technologies). The experience of digitalization of the world's leading universities shows that the deployment of an education management system (LMS) opens opportunities for quality distance learning, resource savings due to process automation and paperwork, as well as increasing the inclusiveness of education. There have been no successful similar projects in Ukraine yet.

That is why the team of the NGO "SMART CITY HUB" together with the company of educational technologies "HUMAN" is launching a national project "Smart University", designed to support Ukrainian higher education institutions in implementing digital education management systems (LMS) and increase digital literacy among participants. The project aims to ensure the successful digitalization of Ukrainian higher education institutions. The target audience is participants in the educational process (students, lecturers, administration of higher education institutions) and public authorities in the field of education.

Thanks to the cooperation of university representatives and IT specialists, an individual digitization program will be developed and implemented for each participating university, which meets the current issues of higher education institutions and time. The project offers full support to the administrations of higher education institutions in carrying out all the necessary stages for the preparation and implementation of the project on digitalization of higher education institutions, namely:

  • Conducting in-depth research to identify the organization of internal processes and the specifics of the work of higher education institutions.
  • Drawing up a Plan for digitalization of the university based on research.
  • Adaptation of the LMS system to the individual needs of higher education institutions by HUMAN specialists.
  • Training seminars for teachers, students and administration on working in the selected LMS-system.
  • Digitization of educational materials and courses.
  • Organization of a consistent transition of educational processes in the digital space.

The importance of implementing integrated digital solutions for the organization of full-time and part-time education in Ukrainian higher education institutions is growing rapidly. But due to the lack of digital literacy, Ukrainian higher education is now facing a systemic crisis that threatens to completely lose its competitiveness.

After the implementation of the Smart University project, we expect the following results:

• Automation of organizational processes frees up time for lecturers and the dean's office to improve the quality of education.

• Improving the digital skills needed for the successful implementation and use of modern digital tools in education.

• Continuous collection and analysis of educational data and reflection of students opens opportunities for higher education institutions for the most personalized approaches to students without increasing the burden on teachers.

• Introduction of a single educational ecosystem for lifelong learning.

• Comprehensive digitalization of the educational institution allows optimizing internal processes. And the Unified Educational Profile allows students to consolidate and accumulate knowledge in a single environment. Whether studying at the University or additional courses.

• Migration of student profiles from schools to the university while preserving the history of learning and analysis of personal indicators.

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